Melayu Islam? - Rogol, Seks Luar Tabii (Rape, Un-natural Sex) What Does allah Want?

Ask any Muslim what Friday night (starts after 7pm Thurday) means.  It is dedicated to sex.  Couples will go home early for sex.  This is the only religion obsessed with sex.  They are unproductive in their work and will leave early on Thursdays.  You can understand why industries with majority Malay Muslims in Malaysia are so unproductive and have high rejects/defects/errors in their works.  The Malay/Muslim culture also seek the help of shamans and jinns to give them sexual powers.  It is common in the Malay/Indonesian culture where men marry and have children with Jinns (orang Bunian).  The end of days will be like the days of Noah when human offspring are corrupted with the genes of demons. Islam is the  fastest growing religion because Muhammad taught the men to have sex with multiple women.  They are obsessed with the sexual prowess of Muhammad who claimed to have the sexual strength of 30 men and they cannot wait for their sexual paradise, living their fantasies to rape women on earth.  Rape is not a crime in Islam.  What they have is Muhammad's edict to 'right hand possess'. 

What does allah want? allah wants your daughters, wife and mother to fall into the hands of his followers. allah is the No.1 god to rapists in Malaysia. and Pakistan? Syria? Egypt? Sudan? Nigeria? Indonesia? Afghanistan? Lebanon? Muslim states? Why? allah wants to dominate and colonize the world by impregnating the women to produce offspring.  Remember the movie 'Alien'.  allah is an alien god and destroys all to achieve its goal.  Satan promoted his kingdom through the fallen angels and the Nephilim bloodline.  Look up Nephilim, Jinn, Fallen Angels in Islam on Google search.
  1. The Nephilim /ˈnɛfɨˌlɪm/ (Hebrew: נפילים‎) were offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge according to Genesis 6:4; the name is also used in reference to giants who inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan according to Numbers 13:33. (The Hebrews were told to destroy the corrupted Nephilim race - kill everything including men, women, children, babies, animals.  Only Islam does not know about this).

The Star Online-November 30, 2013
MALACCA: An 11-year-old boy has been accused of raping a six-year-old girl at a babysitter's home. The attack is reported to have happened ... Blame allah the no.1 god to rapists. Did allah say to take the woman by the right hand?  Did the illiterate 'profit Mahound' promised women and girls as booty and said to do as you please (have sex from front and behind) with women captives?  Did satan and allah the great deceiver, Al Makr, promised 72 virgins to rapists? Rape in Islam is Nephilim behavior to expand the pure evil kingdom.
Malaysia Sun - ‎18 December 2013
GEORGE TOWN: A policeman who appealed against his 12-year jail sentence for committing incestuous rape with his stepdaughter had his sentence enhanced to 18 years by a High Court here instead.

Rubber Tapper Gets 15 Years' Jail, 12 Lashes for Raping Stepdaughter (Mohd is a Rapist - Blame it on allah/Muhammad's Edict to 'Right Hand Possessed')
KOTA BARU (Jan 8, 2014): A rubber tapper paid a heavy price for raping his 13-year-old stepdaughter. He was sentenced to 15 years' jail and 12 lashes by the Sessions Court here, today.

Remaja Wanita di Rogol 38 Lelaki Melayu di Ketereh Kelantan
Girl Raped by 38 Malay Muslim Men in Kelantan
28 May 2014 - PASIR PUTEH - Seorang remaja perempuan berusia 14 tahun membuat laporan di Balai Polis Ketereh kerana telah di rogol secara ...

Winston Bachan: 
"The Purpose Of RAPE Was To Build His Kingdom! That's How Satan Rolls! Mohammad Was NOT Bad I Remind YOU! But Satan Influenced His Thinking! That's What Makes Him Bad!"

Any surprise, the most common name for a convicted gang rapist in Malaysia is Muhammad?

 The No.1 Name of Convicted Gang Rapist is Muhammad

Rapist Marries Victims By Force

Malaysia Rape Victim Forced to Marry Rapist. (Rapist say this is allowed by Sharia Law)

Answering Malay Islam.
Menyoal Jawab dan Berdakwah Dengan Orang Kristian.
Q: Apa itu Nikah Al-Jihad? What is Nikad Al-Jihad?
A: Vilest animals are disbelievers.  Those who practice the sunnah of Muhammad in Syria, Iraq and ISIS perfected the religion of Islam - rape, rob, kill and take booty.  They will even rape animals. Don't they behave worst than animals?

Sexual jihad (Arabic: جهاد النكاح‎, jihad al-nikah) is a controversial practice of women within some Wahhabist groups who are allegedly voluntarily offering themselves in sexual comfort roles to men fighting for the establishment of Islamic rule.

Wanita Malaysia dipercayai menyertai pasukan kumpulan Negara Islam Iraq dan Syria (Isis) untuk menawarkan Jihad Al-Nikah.

Wanita Malaysia sertai ‘jihad seks’ di Timur Tengah, dedah laporan risikan.

Q: Suad Saleh is a Muslim professor at Al-Azhar University Teaches That ‘..Enslaving and Raping Little Girls is Permissible in Islam..’
A: Be careful of making friends with muslims.  allah allows muslim to rape non-muslims to humiliate them.  They will kidnap and rape your children.

A dialog with a mosleem.
Q: Zafran Muhaimin
woi malaya kristian..pikir biar elok..selokkkk sangat....neraka tu tempat mcm kauuuuuuuu..walaupon org islam buat dosa...dia tetap masuk syurga...kalau org mcm kau neraka lah tempatnya
A: They commit sexual sins and are hell bound, yet they accuse, condemn and judge others.... They blame western values by what standards?  satanic verses will keep them in hell.
Satan alloh rewarded them with the desires of their sins.  Pedo mad mo committed adultery when he married his adopted son's wife.  Their promiscuity is modeled after mad mo.  Vilest animals are mosleeeeeeems.

Surat : 33 = 36 - 38 , Ketika Muhammad menginginkan isteri dari anak anggkatnya , Dia tiba tiba mendapatkan sebuah Wahyu baru dari Alloh yang mengijinkan seseorang untuk mengingini isteri orang lain, lalu mengambilnya sebagai isteri seteleh habis masa iddahnya.( Isteri isteri Muhammad terbagi atas dua kubu , kubu Ummu Salamah dan kubu Aisyah. Kubu Ummu Salamah sempat memprotes kpd Muhammad agar orang orang yang berniat memberi hadiah untuk ML kepada Muhammad jangan hanya dilakukan dirumah Aisyah (( istri kesayangan Muhammad)) melainkan dirumah istri mana saja ketika beliau berada. Maksud nya agar Muhammad dan orang lain jangan ada pilih kasih diantara para istri. Tapi apa jawaban muhammad ? Nabi Muhammad memanfaatkan wahyu Alloh untuk meredam kritikan Ummu Salamah. Beliau bersabda : Jangan saya disakiti berkenan dengan Aisyah . Sesungguhnya Wahyu hanya datang kepada saya ketika saya dalam selimut seorang perempuan dirumah Aisyah.(H.R.Bukhari) Surat 33 : 28 - 34. Ketika Muhammad menginginkan lebih banyak istri atau menginginkan para istrinya berhenti bertengkar. dia segera mendapatkan Wahyu baru , untuk mengatasi masalah tsb .( Aisyah sendiri juga pernah menyindir Muhammad ketika "wahyu wahyu yang mengatur " hal ini selalu turun untuk membela Muhammad terhadap wanita. Ketika ayat 39 : 49 turun , Aisyah berkata sinisss kepada Muhammad " Alloh cepat cepat memenuhi keinginan nafsumu (( As Suyuti dalam Asbab al Nuzul tentang ayat tsb)) Ketika banyak orang mengganggu Muhammad dirumahnya , //maka kesempatan sangat sedikit untuk kencan dgn banyak istrinya // Dia segera menerima wahyu yang sesuai yang menetapkan peraturan mengenai kapan mereka boleh mengunjunginya dan kapan tidak boleh mengganggunya ( surat 33 : 53-58 , 29 : 62 - 63 , 49 : 1 - 5)

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