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Berdakwah Kepada Orang Bukan Islam.
Q: Satan accuses Christ and Christians
A: Muslims accuse Christ and Christians of wrongdoing.
The religion of the imams will accuse Christians.
1.  They hate Christ Jesus preferring their version of Isa, an imposter and mad mo their savior.
2.  They hate Christians because they hated Christ.
3.  They lie because their father, the devil, is the father of lies.
4.  Their allah is the best of deceivers = best at lying.
Is lying bad for you? Oh, yes.
Is an omission a lie? Oh yes.
How do you spell lying to me? It is spelt Hubal, Baal, Allah swt, Satan.
What does it mean to tell a lie?  Follower of mad mo and Baal, Allah swt, Satan.

Man Admits His Lie About Jakarta's Christian Leader Led to Blasphemy Protest:
As thousands of Muslims took to the streets of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta last week to call for the arrest of the city's Christian governor, a professor has admitted to twisting his words to lead Muslims to believe that he insulted the Quran.
As previously reported, Jakarta's governor Tjahaja "Ahok" Basuki Purnama, the first Christian in over 50 years to be elected governor of the city, was questioned by police for nearly nine hours on Monday after he was accused of committing blasphemy, a crime punishable in Indonesia by up to five years in prison.
It was believed that the allegations of blasphemy stem from something Purnama allegedly said during a trip to the Thousand Islands in September. It was alleged that Purnama said Muslims are being lied to when they are told that the Quran tells them they can't vote for non-Muslims.
Following the allegations, over 100,000 Muslims protested in Jakarta last Friday, with many calling for Purnama to be jailed and some demanding that Purnama be hanged.

However, Buni Yani, a communications professor at the London School in Central Jakarta who uploaded the video of the governor's alleged blasphemic conversation, told media that he edited his Facebook video to make it look like Purnama was insulting Muslims and the Quran, Asia News reports.

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