We Know About Stealth Jihad.

Answering #Indonesia #Malaysia Islam.
Berdakwah kepada bukan Islam.
Using stealth jihad to attract the kafirs into the house of islam. We know islam means to kill (or threaten to kill, don't believe? ask the Hudud Bill of PAS) anyone (this does means anyone including your neighbors, strangers, relatives and parents) if they leave the evil religion of the imams. We know islam means to bow to the kaaba stone, the temple in honor of baal. We know it means approving the marriages of rapists with their victims. We know it means taqqiya, i.e. lying. We know it means forcing jizya tax (authorities are going around collecting 'sin' tax from the kafirs e.g. vice activities online gaming shops and illegal mamak stalls) kidnapping for ransom, and stealing (2.6 Billion). We know it means subjugating and calling others apes and pigs. We know it means promoting wife beating according to the ways of mad mo. We know it promotes hate for Jews (kill all Jews to hasten the day of resurrection), pigs, dogs and the west. We know (ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islam Brotherhood, Abu Sayaf, Boko Haram, JI) islam means kill and be killed for the moon god al ilah that was assimilated into the generic name allah 1400 years ago in pagan Midian, Edom, Dedan. We know there were 360 allahs in and around the kaaba then.  We know it means cursing the people who (false accusation) incurred the wrath of allah (the Jews) and the people who (again false accusation) strayed (the Christians) in their daily prayers and honoring this allah. We know it means there is no God (denying God the Father). We know it means denying God has a Son (now they say they believe in God but denying the Son of God).  We know about the trinity (small letter 't') of al lat, manat and al uzza that the false prophet bowed to. Of course, we know about the satanic verses. We know this allah is a curse word. We know about the mark of the beast Chi Xi Stigma 666 and the intention to mark everything with the name 'hilal ben sahar (sounds like halal). We know about the crescent moon and star.

We know Jesus defined as Allah in the Alkitab used by Indonesian and Malay Christians is not the same as alllah of the quran.

We know many will be deceived. That is why we are warning others now.

We know what Jesus meant when he said "I saw satan fall like lightning from heaven". Don't bow to the meteorite stone which represents satan.

We also honor and rejoice with those Malays (who have openly declared and those who are still keeping 'it secret') who have left the evil religion of the imams and became Christians following the Christ (whom they teach as the Al Masih), rather than the evil man of satan.

Pray For Persecuted Malay Christians.

Re: Malaysia News Surau Al Syakirin Bandar Utama Opens It's Doors Create Awareness.

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